Garmin 660 power button fix
After dropping my Garmin 660 the on/off switch did not go back as it should. It still worked but it stuck half way out. I wanted to fix this.

To open the Garmin 660 start with prying away the frame in the front. Use a small, thin knife or a small, flat screwdriver to release the notches locking the frame:
Then open the Garmin 660 by using a Torx 05 screwdriver to unscrew the 10 screws:
Then you can open the watertight enclosure. Note the blue O- ring
To solve my problems I had to remove the on/off- button shown at the top. It is held in place by a lock washer inside the case. Remove it and you can remove the button. The button has a small pin going thru the case. It had been bent. I adjusted it, put some silicon grease on the small O- ring on the pin, put the button (and the small spring) back and put the locking washer in place and the problem was solved.

June 2016